Travel Arrangers

Intuitive Tools for Travel Arrangers

Egencia streamlines the complex task of arranging travel – even for multiple travellers. Drawing on years of expertise in both travel and technology, we’ve created a booking experience for travel arrangers that is easy to use and maximises efficiency, whether you regularly book for one or a number of travellers.

Learn more about Online Booking

Learn more about Online Booking

Managing Travel Preferences

Egencia makes it easier for you to manage traveller preferences, profiles and payment options.

24/7 Accessibility

Travel consultants are available 24/7 (via phone and email) to provide domestic and international travel planning, alter itineraries or offer prompt en route assistance to business travellers.

Travel Arrangers

Egencia streamlines the complex task of arranging travel

Innovative Group Booking

Egencia saves you time and effort.  Arranging tools optimise multiple flights and hotels to quickly arrange travel for any number of travellers, including the ability for you to book groups of up to six travellers at a time.

Changes Made Simple

Changing travel plans with Egencia is easy even when travellers are already out-of-town. We make it easy for you and your travellers to book, cancel, and modify or update itineraries online before issue. Instant email notifications keep those “who need to know” up-to-date about changes in travel plans too.

  • Security and Privacy

    Speed travellers through the TSA Secure Flight program without asking them to disclose sensitive information. Just ask your travellers to phone Egencia to record gender and date of birth then you can quickly finish the booking online.

  • The VIP treatment

    Egencia’s executive travel consultants serve as an extension of your executive administrative team to help manage executive travel needs. We offer personalised care for those who travel most.

    Learn more about Executive Travel
  • Travel Alerts

    Egencia FYI provides real-time travel alerts at the time of flight search/booking, helping you meet your duty-of-care responsibility to traveling employees. Real-time alerts notify you of world events, weather, natural disasters, transportation incidents and more.

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