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Where can I find visa and passport information?

Where can I find visa and passport information?

To verify Visa requirements

A travel visa is a document issued by a foreign country that provides permission for you to enter and depart that country. You may need a visa for each individual destination or connection on your itinerary, so check in advance.

To help confirm if a visa is required for your destination, and secure your travel documents well in advance of your trip, Egencia partners with CIBT, the world's largest global visa and passport provider.

  1. Visit CIBT to confirm if you need a visa
  2. Enter passport and destination information, then Check Requirements

To manage your Passport information

You can add, change, or remove passport information stored in your Egencia account.

  1. From your Profile, select Travel documents
  2. Select edit (pencil icon) or delete icons to edit or delete existing passport
  3. Select ADD NEW to add a new passport
  4. Enter Number, Expiry Date and Issue Country or Region as directed
  5. Select Save
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