Exceptional Customer Service Based In France

Egencia’s Customer Service is based in France and helps manage business travel challenges head on and ensures business travellers get to where they need to be as easily and efficiently as possible.

Global Service Excellence

Egencia strives to deliver an exceptional experience for every client and traveller with every interaction. Egencia’s Customer Service is comprised of travel professionals who are uniformly-trained to ensure clients receive expert advice and excellent service regardless of location.

24/7 Accessibility

Travel consultants are available 24/7 (via phone and email) to provide domestic and international travel planning, alter itineraries or offer prompt en route assistance to business travellers.

international travel
Egencia strives to deliver an exceptional experience for every client and traveller.

Experts in International Travel

Booking complex international travel can be overwhelming. Clients often turn to Egencia travel consultants to find the most efficient options available, both in terms of cost and time, and based on individual traveller preferences. Business travellers can focus on business and leave the trip logistics to us.

Extra Attention for International Bookings

International itineraries over a £1500 value booked by Egencia travel consultants are forwarded to our dedicated International Rate Desk. Our team identifies additional cost-saving opportunities by conducting a thorough analysis that considers alternative airlines, routes, availability, breaking fares and split ticketing for travellers. 

Experts in Business Travel

Egencia Customer Service delivers flexible support options tailored to the needs of your company.

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